Mutant Boys

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Hello adoring public!

Since begining this blog I have been getting some good responses and a nice number of blog hits. So thanks for stopping by!

Below is a pinup I did for a comic that just came out called “The Clockwork Girl” . It was created by my buddy Kevin Hanna, who asked me to be a part of his amazing line up of pinup artists ( like Barnaby Ward, Bengal, and Jeux Janovsky).


The story is described as :

“A nameless robot girl has recently been given the gift of life from her creator, while exploring the wonders of an ordinary world she meets an amazing mutant boy and they share a friendship that must overcome their warring families. ”

It is a cool project and I am really happy Kevin asked me to be a part of it. He just told me it has been selling out too, so i (and you) should run out and track it down. Most of the pinups include the Clockwork Girl, but I wanted to focus just on Huxley the monster boy. Something about his character got me very excited. One would think robots and girls, perfect combo and flood of inspiration. But I so rarely draw monsters,so I had to give him a go. Go figure!

I was at Disneyland yesterday for a work function titled: Mandatory Fun Day.

The name didn’t sell me( as it sounds like some strange Orwellian activity) but it turned out to be fun, based on who I hung out with. I was in a silly mood and while waiting in the requisite theme park lines I developed a new character who I am hoping will grace this site very soon. Unless we have met in person you may not know that aside from coming up with inane visual characters, I also create a slew of characters as voices that I use at random to pepper any conversation.

The real gag is that all these voices sound nearly identical, but I like to believe it is the delivery that sells the performance. Suffice it to say that the humor is the same brand of abstract and weird randomness that I dump into sketchbooks. Although I believe some people would use the term “Dumb” I like to think that my childish humor is a higher form of art, avant even, because it’s appeal is purposely aimed so low. Such Characters include : The Solemn Indian , Fake George Takei, “I just want to dance!” party girl, stuttering fan boy, and now Love-Bot the mail order love-machine.

Speaking of random characters here are some Pinata riding skeletons:


and some other characters who I will tease but not quite talk about yet:


Till next time,



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