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Stph cooking

“Stephanie cooking dinner, drawn from life”

After a short break brought about by Turkey intoxication, I’m back. The Holiday was much enjoyed and included a trip up to the Bay Area (trip powered by snacks at the Flying J.

I went to Art school over at CCA(C) up in Oakland California. Oakland is a funny town because the majority of kids up there have some form of affiliation with the school (they either have gone there, want to go there, have a roommate that goes there and on and on). So during your stay you get to know practically everyone in the Oakland social scene. Now when I return and walk down the street I run can’t go a few blocks without running into people i used to know. kind of like George Bailey, except without the need for an angel with no wings.

However, that isn’t what this post is about.


Here is an idea that I finally sketched out in preparation for a larger project. I tend to have a lot of ideas, but I never write them down. If I think of an idea I like, then I want to let it bake in my brain oven for a bit before working on it. Those ideas that last and can be remembered after a few days, or even weeks, are strong enough to be worked on.

When doing commissioned work I don’t get to work this way. So this is a luxury with personal work that I fully exploit when I can.

In preparation for the above sketch I bought a bunch of piñatas to draw from. I am convinced piñatas are borderline genius pieces of folk art, even thought there sole purpose is to get the candy beaten out them by kids high on cake.


“Ready and Willing”

A lot of the ideas I have been working on recently involve someone finding them selves in a world much bigger and usually stranger than they realize. Like the below illustration of our Blog mascot.

we know a place

“We know a place where no cars go” (thanks for the inspiration Arcade Fire!)
I have big delusions of grandeur little prickly guy and his balloon friend. But I don’t want to spoil it just yet; the idea isn’t done baking yet.

Till later,


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