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Thirsty For More


So it has been a whole full year since my last official post. For a fresh start, I decided to move over here to wordpress. I have been keeping busy filling sketchbooks but not without updating the blog. Still working at Disney, I haven’t had as much time for extensive painting like I used to, but I’m still drawing everyday.

I got a great Moleskin Watercolor sketchbook and have been working in that for a while now. It is nice because the format is very versatile. It is a manageable size if you want to knock out a quick idea and carry it with you, but the paper quality is so good you could spend hours on a page.

The title image above was done in that book with Purple markers and gouache. It is kind of how I have been feeling lately, stuck and thirsty.

I was going to write more about process and how i paint each piece and all that boring nerdy crap. But i have decided against it. There isn’t enough room in this blog for both my neurosis, clever quips, sketches and my pretentious ego.


“I painted this real doozy of a masterpiece with a number 4 Isabey 6223 Brush. Traditional ink is for lazy sissies and the criminally insane. I made mine from a the spit of a squid I caught while doing a few laps off the coast. Oh and that’s not paper…oh no that is dried humus pulped together with back issues of X-men. Specifically those issues pertaining to the Dark Phoenix saga. I was very upset by the third X-
men movie. This painting it is about how Hollywood produces rubbish from good material. The dog….. oh that’s just Pepe….”

I think it is because I have an iron trap for a mind, and I constantly crave love, that i just want to describe minutiae to people. It’s what I care about, why should everyone else? Just the other Day I was at the Dali exhibit at LACMA with a lovely woman. A woman who had the poor misfortune of asking me about gouache.

Good ole’ freaky Dali had some nice ink and gouache drawings up and she had never heard of gouache. The easy answer was opaque watercolor. But fifteen minutes later I arrived at the climax of my master’s thesis and described how light effects gouache differently than normal watercolor. Just then I had a thought: Why am i still talking? Sadly, this is a thought i have often.

Come Here Often?

“Hey Baby, you come here often? I love me some gouache!”

I’m going to keep this post short as a nice start. Although I cannot guarantee I wont say the word gouache again. I just love it, gouache!


Come back soon for more updates on gouache.

If you want to review the old blog (now with less gouache) check it out here.



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